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Adobe PDF file 2019 LCBSA Permits - All Fields *

Adobe PDF file 2019 LCBSA Rulebook *

Adobe PDF file 2019 USA Softball Certificate of Insurance *- 2019 USA Softball Certificate of Insurance

Adobe PDF file Coaching - Background Check Form *- All managers, coaches, and any adult planning to help with a team and interact with LCBSA players in any fashion must be background checked. Please submit this form along with a legible copy of your driver's license or state issued id card. NOTE: This form has "Softball" in the title, but it can be used for both softball and baseball.

Adobe PDF file Coaching - Better Fundamental Baseball *- A guide to help coaches develop players' responsibilities, and to help coaches increase the players' baseball IQ.

Adobe PDF file Coaching - Criminal Background Check Policy *- Safety of children is the highest priority for the La Canada Baseball Softball Association (LCBSA). After careful consideration, LCBSA determined that conducting criminal background checks on prospective coaches is an effective and appropriate means of protecting the safety of the children that participate in LCBSA sports.

Adobe PDF file Coaching - Erckenbrack Pitching Guide *

Adobe PDF file Coaching - Glen Mertens: Pinto Coaching Guide *

Adobe PDF file Coaching - Ground-Fly Ball Positions *

Adobe PDF file Coaching - Pitching Log *

Adobe PDF file Code of Conduct *- LCBSA Code of Conduct for Player, Coaches and Parents

Adobe PDF file Incident Report *- Use this form to document injuries or incidents that occur at practices or games.

Adobe PDF file Insurance - 2019 Claim Form *

Adobe PDF file Insurance - 2019 Claim Instructions *

Adobe PDF file Insurance - 2019 LCBSA Certificates All *- The file contains insurance certificates for LCBSA overall as well as key partners (Pony, LCUSA, and City of LCF)

Adobe PDF file LCBSA Bylaws *- LCBSA Bylaws (last updated in 2009)

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.